Are you drinking your calories?

According to calorie intake data released by The Food and Agriculture Organization, Americans eat an average of over 3,600 calories a day! How many of these calories are you drinking? I know when I wasn’t as cautious about what I was putting into my body I could easily drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee (with sugar and creamer) per day and 5 or 6 soft drinks. If I do the math that it comes out to approximately 1400-1700 calories! That is a massive amount of calories. It’s actually pretty close to the total calories that are recommended daily, but these are calories that have no nutritional value what so ever. Do the math for yourself and see just how many calories you consume from drinks each day. If you are consuming over 200-300 then you have a great opportunity to cut back drastically on your calories without even having to make significant changes to your calorie intake from food.
I have some ideas for limiting your calorie intake from drinks. The obvious way is drink more water. A little lemon juice in your water can even help suppress your apatite. For those who are just not use to drinking plain water there are good zero cal flavor enhancers that are really pretty good. I like the Mio brand and it has no aspartame. For you coffee drinkers I found I really enjoy a plain black coffee more if I’m eating something a little sweet like toast with honey. If you just can’t do a coffee without sugar then you could try a natural sweetener like Truvia, Stevia in the Raw or some other brand, but I find that they have a funny taste in coffee. I realized that when I use the Truvia in any kind of hot tea I can’t even tell the difference between it and real sugar. It was really surprising! Now days I am all about drinking tea instead. One of my favorites are a mint tea which you can drink hot or iced. Just sweeten it up with Truvia and you have a great zero cal drink for any occasion. My other favorite is a Vanilla Chai with a slash of milk and a couple packs of natural zero cal sweetener. This is the best tea replacement for your morning coffee in my opinion. A lemon/ginger tea with honey or Truvia is an other really good one that I can drink any time of the day. These are just some things I found that work for me. I hope you can find these tips work for you but if not try some other things out. It’s worth experimenting a little for your wellness!

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