Best healthy crockpot meal ever!

…Ok, maybe a bit of exaggeration, but it’s for sure one of my top 3. What is it? That would be my split pea soup recipe! If you haven’t given split pea soup a chance or if you haven’t had real homemade split pea soup then you should really give this recipe a try. My wife is the pickiest eater I’ve ever met and I got her to try it, begrudgingly though, and to her own surprise she actually liked it! It only grew on her more and more with each time I made it. Now she’s actually excited when I make it.

So here is why homemade split pea soup is such a great wellness food. Its simple to make; Cut up a few ingredients and throw it in a crock pot for 5-6 hour. Its super easy on the budget; I figure it cost around $5 or $6 total. It go’s a long way; my recipe makes 6-8 bowls which is plenty for leftovers for a day or two depending on your family size. It’s natural and nutritious ingredients; the healthy ingredients in split pea soup make for a nutrient-dense meal . It’s really filling; being thicker then a normal broth soup make it more like a chili. It packs about 11 grams of protein making it really satisfying. And lastly its very low calorie; Calories range from 160 per cup to about 240 per cup depending how you make it. If you google split pea soup you’ll see a lot of different opinions on the exact calorie count. That because some people are using data off a can of pea soup. The canned pea soup tastes awful, in my opinion, and has very high sodium. If you are making it from scratch it is much better for you. I’m averaging from a number of sources that its around 160 calories per cup without ham, to around 240 calories with the ham. I would double that because you’ll likely have 2 cups for a serving. Still a 320-480 calorie meal is very good for anyone on a diet.

I’ve been making this recipe for probably 20 plus years and I have my recipe all in my head. I’ve experimented with adding more of something or less of something else but this recipe I think is the perfect balance. I add a couple potato’s to mine which I don’t think is super common but it makes it even better. Just don’t over do it with them. And without further delay, here it is!

Best Pea Soup, Ever…


  • 1 16 ounce bag of split peas
  • 8 cups water
  • 1 small to medium yellow onion
  • 3 small to medium carrots
  • 4 celery stocks
  • 1 large or two small potato’s
  • 2 bay leaves
  • black pepper to taste. I like a lot so will use about 7-10 dashes
  • A few dashes garlic powder
  • 2 chicken bullion cubes or could sub out a few cups water with chicken stock. Sometimes the peas will have a season packet which will work too.
  •  Salt to taste. I always add just a few dashes of salt first (sea salt preferably). Everyone is going to have their own tastes so that allows people to salt to their own taste.
  • Ham (optional) Don’t need a lot. A ham bone with a little meat on it is perfect, otherwise just a small chunk of a precooked boneless ham cut into small cubes. Should have about 1-2 cups of ham total


  • If using a ham bone you’ll want to boil it in the 8 cups of water before transferring to the crockpot. Take the ham bone out of the water and let it cool a little then pick the meat off and cut it into bite size pieces. Add the water and the ham pieces to the crockpot. If using a precooked boneless ham then just cut it up and add it straight to the crockpot with the 8 cups water, or if no ham just add the 8 cups water to the crockpot.
  • Turn the crockpot on high for 6 hours then rinse the peas in a strainer. Search through the peas and make sure no surprises. I always do this but haven’t ever found anything except peas. Still I do it cause the packaging tells me too. Sometimes I pick out the yellow ones just so I feel like I’m doing something.
  • Now chop up the onion, carrots, celery, and potato. Onion doesn’t need to be dices very small. The pieces with soften up and you won’t taste them much but they can add some texture to the soup. Carrots just cut into slices about 1/4 inch thick. Celery about 1/2 inch pieces. Potato’s I prefer a little on the big side. they can loose some size during the cooking and stirring process. Throw them into the crockpot.
  • Now just the season. Add 2 bay leafs, some garlic powder, some pepper, some salt and stir it up! Check on it from time to time and give it a stir. After about 3 hours give it a taste and see if you want to add a little more salt and pepper. Around the same time you can turn it to low and finish it off for 2-3 more hours. Give it a final good stir and serve it up!

Enjoy, then comment and let me know your thoughts!

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