Home Chef Review

As I started to research this company I already had an opinion of any type of home meal delivery because I was thinking about using one of the other services in the past and after seeing the prices I decided against it. I’ve since become more open minded though, and here’s why. Up until last year we lived about 20 miles from the city so buying and having lots of groceries on hand was a must. We couldn’t just hop in the car and have 50 choices of restaurants within a few miles so we actually used what we bought, rarely did anything go to waste. Now, after living in the city for about 7 months, I realized how much of that food go’s to waste and how much easier it is to just order Food Dudes delivery or run to a restaurant of our choice. We are still buying a lot of groceries, but now at least half of it gets tossed because it doesn’t get used in time. Even our leftovers get tossed a lot of the time. Paying for a food delivery service does at least warrant a second look.

Home Chef interested me because of all of the food delivery services available it appears to be one of the two cheaper ones. Quite a bit cheaper then the one I considered way back. I seen some price comparisons showing that you could actually save money vs buying the groceries at the grocery store. Home Chef charges a little under $10 a meal. I’m not thrilled with paying that price for something I still have to cook, but if I look through my order history from Food Dudes over the last month, then my credit card statement for all the restaurants we’ve eaten at, that price actually isn’t bad at all. Between my wife and I we spend about $35 to $45 typically when ordering delivery, which includes a fee, tax, and gratuity. That’s a $15-$25 dollar savings per meal right there. Restaurants are even worse coming up between $45-$60 not including a tip so we are saving $25-$40 per meal vs a restaurant. Even when we get fast food we spend $15-$20. The best part is that you will be able to eat fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals in exchange for those more expensive and less healthy meals. On the other hand, you will still need to actually buy groceries from the store with some frequency cause you’re not going to replace every single meal, or snacks and beverages. I think this service would be most useful just to order 3 to 4 dinners per week, maybe a few smoothies (which are under $5) and maybe a fresh fruit basket once a week. The dinners come with all ingredients prepackaged and portioned so there’s no waste, and includes spices and everything you will need. Also included are easy to follow instructions. The meals are not only fresh and healthy, but are all under 800 calories. It really makes dieting a snap. Speaking of dieting, I’m going to compare this to a popular diet food delivery which I tried many years ago, which is Nutra System. Their meals are frozen and processed. Basically like those frozen diet tv dinners in the grocery store, only worse. I tried that for two months and I did lose some weight but it was awful and expensive. Not something you are going to be able to keep doing long term that’s for sure. Home Chef is a system that you will be able to continue and not get sick of it, so in the long run you will be able to lose more weight in a healthy and natural way.

In conclusion, I would say if your goal is to eat healthier, lose weight, and if you are already ordering a lot of delivery or eating a lot of fast food or restaurants, and you plan to replace those higher cost and less healthy meals, then this service would meet your dietary needs, help you manage your time, and save you money. If you already do almost all your cooking at home, and have the time to do all the meal planning and shopping, and are able to use all your groceries before they go to waste then I would pass.

If you are interested to learn more you can click the link below and get 3 meals free.

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