Easiest way to start investing


If you are not saving money for your future, or even just a little something in case of an emergency, you will have stress and worry about your future and what you would do if you got hit with an unexpected expense. That stress can effect your emotional happiness, and even your health over time. That’s why I would encourage people to focus on and improve every aspect of your life, including your financial wellness.

This is my review of the app Acorns. You might have heard about this app, but maybe you are unsure what it’s all about or how it works. I’ve been investing in the stock market for many years and recently started day trading, which is a subject I would like to talk about in a future blog post, but you don’t need any investing experience at all to use this app which is why I’m a huge fan of it for both beginners and long term traders that just want their money safely invested and want to keep an eye on how it’s growing. This app allows someone that knows little to nothing about investing in the market the chance to save for the future like an experienced pro. You simply save your money, then let Acorns invest it for you based on your particular wants and needs. If you are younger and investing for retirement they will take your savings and will put it in a well diversified portfolio with mostly lower risk investments. If you are seeking a little more aggressive strategy you can do that too, but no matter which level you choose your portfolio will still be well diversified to minimize risk. It’s sort of like investing in a good mutual fund if you are familiar with them.

You can start investing your money with this app in three different ways. The first way is by setting up Acorns to round-up all your purchases and invest that right into your account. You can link any credit cards or bank debit cards that you want. Those round-ups really add up over time. The second way to invest is by making a one time deposit of whatever amount you want. The third way is to set up automatic weekly deposits which could be $5 or $10 dollars each week, but you can go as high as you want. You could even go daily or monthly rather then weekly if you choose. There is no minimum amount to start up unlike a lot of the big brokerage accounts. It’s really about the easiest way for you to start saving and investing

Even though I’ve got a regular brokerage account and an IRA I still use this app and find it great for long term investing with little impact on my monthly budget. I’m doing roundups from a credit card and from my debit card, I did a one time $100 deposit, and I set it up to auto withdraw $5 each week. You probably won’t even miss the $5 and this could make a huge impact on your life in 10, 20, or 30 years from now when you are ready to retire and enjoy life. My projected savings will be $55,000 in 30 years. That’s just if I keep the currant $5 weekly auto investment and the roundups. There are 48 weeks per year multiplied by 30 years equals 1440 weeks that I would contribute $5. If you take the 1440 weeks and multiplied by $5, I would have only spent a total of $7200 for my weekly contributions plus the little bit of roundup change to grow that into a projected $55,000 which I could use to travel or buy a new vehicle to start off my retirement years. That’s why starting to invest now is so important. If you want to try Acorns today I’ll provide you a link which will give you an extra $5 free gift just for signing up. Make sure you follow my link otherwise you will not get the $5.

Get Acorns and your free $5 gift now!

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