Daily Burn vs Beachbody on Demand


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With summer just around the corner many of us are thinking about getting back in shape after a winter of hibernation and holiday feasts. If you are looking to drop some pounds or tone up your body before summer then you are probably wondering what kind of workout program is best and which are worth spending money on (if any.) As someone that has tried just about everything imaginable, you can take it from me that having some sort of organized program(s) to follow, along with a support system and nutrition plan, is key to being able to track and follow through with your goals. No matter what program you ultimately choose my advice is to take it very seriously and give it 110% for the first two weeks. In my experience, if you can bust you butt hard for two weeks you will see some really positive results which will encourage and motivate you to keep on pushing hard. You will get the excitement from seeing real results and will want more. If you start out half heartedly trying, not fully committed, and not pushing yourself hard, then the results will not come fast enough and you will loose focus and drive. So more important then any plan you chose is to first decide that no matter what you are going to give it everything you’ve got, and if you can find time to push an extra 15 minutes or do a second workout in the day that’s even better.

With that said I’ll break down both these workout programs. Both are great programs. Even though I prefer the treadmill and weights I like to mix it up and have been using both Beachbody on Demand and Daily Burn off and on for years. My wife loves the different aerobic workouts and also yoga and piyo, and she prefers to workout in the comfort of home so she loves these type of video workout programs. Both programs offer streaming of high quality workout programs on any device. There are a few differences though.

Trial period:

Daily Burn offers 30 day free trial then a month to month subscription, while Beachbody offers a 14 day risk-free trial for a 3 month membership or 30 days risk-free for 6 or 12 month memberships. Both give you adequate time to try out their program and decide if you like it and are getting results.


While Daily Burn offers the longer trial period and a month to month subscription Beachbody has a better price and a discount for longer memberships. Daily Burn cost $19.95 a month and you can cancel anytime. Beachbody has three memberships, a 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month. The 3 month membership gives you 14 day risk-free trial before you will be charged $39 ($13 a month). The 6 month gives you 30 days risk-free then $59 ($9.84 a month). The 12 month also gives you 30 day risk-free then only $99 ($8.25 a month).

Program Highlights:

Daily Burn –

  • Stream over 1000 workouts from your laptop, TV, tablet, or smartphone
  • Expert and certified trainers
  • Personalized plans based on your goals and fitness level
  • Programs tailored to your own needs
  • Incredible community. Share your fitness journey through live chat and more
  • A new Live workout every day
  • Audio workouts
  • Workouts include Cardio, Yoga, Dance, Pilates, and more!

Beachbody on Demand-

  • Access to all workouts (600+) and all future releases
  • Exclusive Super Trainer workouts
  • Fitness guides and workout calendars
  • Stream from your laptop, TV, tablet, or smartphone
  • Daily Calendars and progress Tracker
  • Message boards and chatrooms for answers to all your questions
  • Cardio, Dance, Yoga, Weights, Low Impact, and more!
  • Meal plans customized for your unique lifestyle and goals & recipes, Fixate® cooking show

And the Winner is…

Because I don’t exclusively do the video workouts on a daily basis I prefer to have a cheaper, longer membership so I have access when I do feel like doing an aerobic program or feel like I’m getting tight and want to do some yoga to stretch my muscles out. For that reason and the fact that they offer some of the top workout programs on the market and nutrition plans, I’m going with Beachbody for the winner of this matchup. That’s not to say Daily Burn wouldn’t be a better choice for someone else. If you plan to make these home workouts your main source for your exercise, you prefer having the choice to start and stop the program on a month to month basis, and would enjoy doing live daily workouts, then Daily Burn might be worth the extra money. Either way you can’t go wrong. If you are still undecided just give them both a try for free and see which is right for you.

Try Beachbody risk-free for 14 days!

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